We treat learning as a continuously improving personalized lifelong process...

...our products capture, manage, analyze, validate and enhance this lifelong process.

Learning Lifecycle Management Plan, Design, and Manage Develop Course Content Train by LMS, CBT, or ILT Analyze, Validate, and Report

Learning Lifecycle Management®

Plan, Design and Manage

In this phase of the process, we systematically capture and manage learning objectives, specify training methods, and design structure and flow for the curriculum. We ensure that the environment leads to continuous improvement of the learning experience for individuals and the return-on-investment for organizations.

Develop Content and Portfolio

This phase includes collaboration and coordination for developing effective content and assessments. It may also include setting career goals and degree paths. We provide detailed feedback on curriculum to ensure that it meets specified objectives and outcomes, and satisfies lifelong learning and professional development goals for individuals.

Train by LMS, CBT, ILT...

Once the content it created, it can be published and fielded to students by a variety of methods. Choices include Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Computer-Based Training (CBT), on-line training by any Learning Management System (LMS), on-the-job training, or any combination of these.

Analyze, Validate and Report

In this phase of the process, organizations track learning effectiveness by viewing integrated reports and dashboard statistics as a means to improve/adapt the learning process. We provide tools for monitoring key criteria and revising training programs, and help you achieve high quality at a reasonable cost.

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DigiLore's Learning Lifecycle Management® (LLM) Solution enables organizations to plan objectives-centric programs, coordinate and manage development teams, perform detailed analysis and create reports on all aspects of learning, and systematically guide improvements to the learning process.